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ICM is defined by our highly creative approach. With our top-caliber team of experts, we provide a full spectrum of services from event conceptualization and production to technical consultancy, for companies who want to be at the pinnacle of business. Our credo of incite, excite & ignite is a testament to our passion in making all events truly amazing. We cover all aspects of every event with a ‘never-say-die’ attitude, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. If you want to make a big bang in the market, ICM is here to make it happen.

Originally, ICM was created solely as a directory of trainings, but due to the demands from our clients, we are now offering other services which includes business conferences, exhibitions, workshops & in-house. We provide information and knowledge on business improvement for local and global audiences. We meet all of your professional development requirements in the most cost-effective and flexible way. We deliver a comprehensive event management service to businesses, which is designed to be cost effective. ICM has an expanding group of customers, situated throughout the world, and several large organizations. Our events are very carefully designed based on our client’s feedback. We pay detailed attention to client’s feedback, which is why every event that we produce is unique and very much result oriented. We are focused on delivering solutions to enable smarter decisions for more effective outcomes, so that our customers can overcome obstacles, achieve their goals and pursue their dreams.
We strongly believe in delivering “cutting – edge value for money” solutions for our clients. ICM employees are our biggest asset. All our employees come together with several years of rich experience in fields of research, sales, client retention and customer services. It is because of this knowledge and experience , we are able to deliver the best by innovating new concepts and continuous improvement. Our team is very detailed oriented and is 100% committed to deliver the right & the best product to our customers. Unlike any others, our events are highly informative, practical and interactive.

We intend to become to most preferred event consultants throughout the globe.


Mission: At ICM, we constantly strive to exceed our client’s expectations. To influence our clients with the spirit of progress by consistently delivering unique and quality events.

Vision: To be established as the most preferred business consultants and a provider of profitable quality products, for enhanced client satisfaction.