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ICM provide an excellent service allied to highly effective delivery with a view to providing real, tangible results. We work with our clients from the start building an event that delivers against their objectives and creates a lasting impression on their delegates long after the event is finished. We plan, research, deliver and evaluate every element of an event. From the destination, venue, programme, method of message delivery, content of presentations, team building and social activities; we ensure the event reinforces our clients' messages at every touch point. The company maintains the highest standards of quality and service in research, technology and product development. Our commitment to service and quality are the basis for our reputation as the world's leading provider of business intelligence.


Our conferences are designed understanding our clients' needs and planned to exceed the expectations of our clients. In our process of planning we put in lot of effort into selection of speakers, presentations, and conference programs .They are designed to stimulate an exchange of ideas and insights among participants, and are packed with tried and tested tactics, practical case studies and in-depth discussions, as well as networking opportunities with key decision makers from top organizations around the region.


We have provided training around the globe to companies of all sizes to ensure they achieve their business goals. We employ the best trainers from respective industries and match them up with the right companies in order to help facilitate success and growth. As market continues to grow and expand, companies must learn and keep up with new innovations. Our training looks to these new advancements and integrates them into our training approach, allowing your business to grow and evolve into more and more areas.


Workshops are designed to be participative throughout. The agenda will combine brief theoretical introduction to each exercise with case studies and discussion sessions. Delegates are encouraged to benchmark experiences with industry peers and raise issues of most concern to their organization, either confidentially or in open session. The sessions consist of a couple of practical exercises that bring real answers you can take back to your own institution. Each of these interactive workshop sessions will be facilitated by one leader who presents a real-life challenge they have recently faced. The group collectively brainstorms possible solutions before the leader reveals the approach actually taken and the results they found.


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