" Time management is good, knowledge spectrum of the instructor is very broad. Over training was good, met requirements "
    ORXY GTL, Qatar
    " The sessions were kept interesting throughout the training. Thanks to the trainer and his fast experience in this field. Overall training was excellent. "
    Qatar Fuel Additives Company Limited, Qatar
    " We would like to thank you for your effort in giving this workshop and organized it in such a good way, brief & clear "
    Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Wealth, Oman
    " Good and interesting seminar and learned about Red Tides. Well planned, organized and conducted. Enjoyed the conference and had good net working with the right companies and the delegates "
    Neemtech, UAE
    " I would like to thank all speakers and ICM group. I wish for a very good future. "
    Al Ghubrah Power & Desalination Plant, Oman
    " Thanks for a great conference! I think you and the team did a good job. We all had some excellent discussion. "
    NanoH2O Inc, USA
    " I got more knowledge & it will be useful for me as operation of wwt "
    Qatar Petrochemical Company, Qatar
    " Over all training was very good. The trainer did the presentation very well. He is knowledgeable of the subject and cleared most of our doubts "
    Qatar Chemical Company, Qatar
    " The team of ICM is very cooperative, helpful and organized the event very nicely. I am happy to see their support "
    Salalah Methanol Company, Oman
    " Keep going and conduct more seminars on desalination. Keep the feeback form in the website for this seminar is good. "
    Al Ezzel O&M Company, Bahrain
    " Thanks to you and your team for putting everything together! From my perspective it was very well run, and I enjoyed the other presentations and dialogue with the conference attendees. I'd be glad to participate in future meetings if the opportunity arises. "
    University of California Santa Cruz, USA
    " I would like to thank you for providing me the opportunity to attend the conference. It was my great pleasure to attend the conference, got the opportunity to meet several experts from different part of the world.
    Dubai Municipality, UAE